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A mask is what I wear everyday,

The scars of my body are unseen to the world,

While I look cheery and happy on the outside,

Inside is a forever starting war,

The good and evil always fight,

They doth care what they do to my mind,

They poison my mind,

Scar my body,

Lose my faith in my beliefs,

I can't go on,

I want to let go,

Let the pain go away,

The one that no one knows about,

It would be so much easier to leave,

Then the battlefield will fade to red,

I did try to keep myself from drowning,

But it doesn't help that I'm being pulled under by my insanity.

I do try to hold on to that little sanity I have left,

But I'm lost, I don't know who I am anymore,

I'm losing a battle I never started,

I've been fighting for so long,

I don't know what happiness is anymore,

I don't believe in love, so others cannot feel my burden,

I want to be free and the only way to do that,

Is to fall deep into darkness,

And that I have done,

And now I'm all alone,

By myself in the dark,

Know I feel like I can't take no more,

I leave my life behind and take my chance,

To change the world,

To show others the pain I feel,

I shall take my revenge on those,

That put me in the dark,

Goodbye, goodnight,

This might be your last,

Breathe in the light.
This was for my religion assignment, what do ya all think?
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Submitted on
August 13, 2014


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